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Naples Jet Skis Have Brakes!

That's right; you can actually parallel park your jet ski, reverse, or brake incredibly quickly! The first and only personal watercraft with the equipped braking system to help you avoid any collision before there is any need to worry.

Special Features of Our Watercraft

The team at Naples Jet Ski Rental chose this particular watercraft for many reasons. As you can see, there is always additional safety when a braking system is implemented, and it's easier to park than ever with its state-of-the-art reverse feature. But one of the most important aspects of all is the Eco - Friendly nature of the Sea-Doo 130 GTI. 34% more gas is saved for those short trips in the back bay area when you have to operate your WaveRunner at a much slower speed.

Naples Jetski Rental
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Why Choose Naples Jet Ski Rental?

  • Our location and destination are so close that there are no long idle times and no wasted time to get to the desired area. There is never any refueling, washing, or trailering within your time.

  • We're only minutes to the Gulf of Mexico or the Ten Thousand Islands, so you won't be searching the back bays for hours on end.

  • Our personal watercrafts are the only model equipped with a braking system in case you need to come to a stop rather quickly.

  • The Sea-Doo 130 GTI is also equipped with a system for reverse, and that's extremely rare in a jet ski or waverunner rental.

  • Our dolphin and manatee tours are second to none in the area, and we always promote safety first when dealing with marine life.

Naples Jetski Rental